Reach he A R T

Reach heART is offering virtual art lessons, for all ages, in various settings that use art and “presentfulness” as the vehicle to cultivate self-love, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and nourish paths of connection to the world we are all a part of.

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Any occasion that you can think of!
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Our Values

Connection to Community

Changing our world with heART

Encouraging PEOPLE to think of others in their lives, their community, and their world cultivates compassion, empathy, and connectedness. WE begin to develop an understanding of how WE can positively impact others as well as bring joy, hope, gratitude and love.

Reach heART believes in the power of human love and our innate desire to help one another heal and build bridges. That is why, through art, we connect with and support organizations that are out in the world doing just that.”

Art of Presentfulness


is about being here, in the moment, by tapping into our breath, our natural states of being (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual), our environment, and our senses.

Art is an ideal portal to being in the present moment because our attention and awareness are actively engaged with our senses.

Creating art is like a putting out a “welcome mat” for our feelings

It can help us express and move through all types of emotions that we sometimes just can’t with words.

Art is a natural gateway to nurturing emotional health and development as it can provide a powerful release and set us on a path to discover and learn about ourselves.

Art holds a myriad of developmental benefits

The creative process supports the development of language skills as children describe and share their work and expand their vocabulary.

It strengthens fine motor skills as they grasp and manipulate art supplies.

It encourages neural connections as they experiment and create. In addition, kids improve their conceptual skills as they establish an understanding of shapes, sizes, counting, making comparisons and spatial reasoning.

Critical thinking skills develop as children practice making plans about their creations, solve problems that arise and find different ways to weave unrelated ideas together.

Art cultivates cultural awareness in children as they develop an understanding about the differences and similarities between themselves and people from other countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Creativity and imagination go hand in hand!

The more they use their imagination, the stronger their “imagination muscle” becomes.

Art is a never-ending opportunity for innovative thinking and implementation—valuable, enduring skills that will successfully benefit them throughout their lives.